Coal shortage hits state power production

Bhubaneswar: Adding to the woes of power production, the shortage of coal supply is affecting the power generating units in the state. The issue has worsen further with Centre`s rejection of the expansion of Odisha Power Generation Corporation (OPGC), through tapering coal linkage proposal sent by the Odisha government.

Due to the low-grade coal supply by Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) to the 420MW Jharsuguda plant, the power production is reportedly down by 5-10 per cent. Also there was a delay in receiving permission to extract coal from two blocks in Manoharpur for OPGC`s expasion to 1320MG. Hence by 2016, the coal blocks would not be fit for excavation, when the plant are ready for operation.

More interestingly, NTPC`s Kaniha plant is receiving 2-3 thousand metric tonne less coal against its full requirement of 55 thousand metric tonne daily. Though the situation has improved a bit, the plant is only able to stock the black metal for 6-7 days against the earlier 16 days, resulting GRIDCO non receipt of sufficient power for distribution.

The state, which is getting 75 per cent of its electricity from thermal power generating units, is facing a power deficit of 400-500MW against a daily average requirement of 2700MW in normal hours and 3200MG in peak hours.