City bus service hit as drivers go on mass leave

Bhubaneswar: Denizens of the capital are facing lots of problems in commuting as most of the city busses are not rolling since last couple of days.

With most of the drivers on leave, City bus service, which was started here to ease the passenger woes, are standing at the bus stop at Master Canteen area. An official of the city Bus Service informed that there was tension brewing among the drivers as they were not paid their salaries since last few months. And after getting the salary they have gone on, mass leave. Meanwhile, some drivers said that over burden of works on the drivers has been the cause of tension among them.

“We work for 13 to 14 hours a day which is very stressful for us. And the authorities even do not grant us leave. So, at times many drivers fall sick”, said a driver of the City bus.

However, officials of Dream Team Sahara, the management in charge of the city bus service have refuted the allegations and said that some of its officials are on leave because of the festivals.   

“Twenty buses out of the 70 are halting as some of the drivers are on leave to observe certain festivals.