CHSE Exam system gets a makeover

Bhubaneswar: Pushed to the wall over “faulty examination system” due to this year’s question paper leak cases, the Higher Education Department on Thursday proposed to amend the Odisha Conduct of Examination Act, 1988 by establishing as many as 200 Examination Management Hubs (EMH) among others.
For smooth conduct of the test, all the examination centres, declared by the Council would be tagged to the EMHs where question papers will be stored. These EMHs would be under 24 hours surveillance by CCTV cameras.
“The EMH selection, based on infrastructure, manpower and proximity to the police station would be done by a district level committee consisting of Collector, S.P., Deputy Secretary of the respective zone and four principals,” Higher Education Minister Badrinarayan Patra said.
Under this Odisha Conduct of Examination (Amendment) Act 2013, it was also proposed that the number of pages in the original answer booklet would be 32 and no additional answer booklets will be given to the students during examination.
In the proposed reform, centre-wise question packets shall be prepared by the printing press as per the requisition of the Council.
Also to eliminate manipulation in transportation and storage of question papers, it was decided that the question papers would be dispatched from Council to the EMH two days before the examination and from EMH the papers would be sent to the respective examination centres on the day of examination with foolproof security.
“In addition to the existing revaluation of 10% of answer sheets allotted to the assistant examiners, the chief examiner shall examine the answer scripts awarded 90% marks and above and the deputy examiner shall re-examine the fail cases securing 25% marks and above,” Patra added.