Chilika dolphin census report today

Bhubaneswar: Dolphin lovers are waiting with bated breath to know the dolphin population at Chilika lake, the largest brackish water lagoon in the country, for which census was conducted on Tuesday.

According to officials of the Chilika Development Authority (CDA), which conducts the annual operation, final census report will be published on Wednesday after compiling the data.

As many as 17 teams were engaged in the enumeration to conduct the survey.  The enumerators included officials from CDA, state wildlife department and members of a local dolphin club.

Last year the number of Irrawaddy dolphins at the lake stood at 145 compared to previous years’ population of 156 and 158 in 2010, official records show.

The number of baby dolphins or calves had also increased to 10 in comparison to four last year.

The dolphin census is normally carried out in January and February, since, during this period, the water surface remains stable, helping the enumerators find the precise number.

The wetland which has been designated as a Ramsar site (wetland of international importance) is the natural abode of highly endangered Irrawaddy dolphins.