Ceiling plaster crashes in Rourkela Govt Hospital

Rourkela: Patients and some staff at Rourkela Government Hospital had a narrow escape after a mound of ceiling plaster fell inside Pathology lab of the hospital.

Though no casualty has been reported, hospital staff were present in the lab and were attending some patients who had arrived to receive their medical reports today morning. However, all of them had a close shave as they had vacated the room minutes before the plaster chunk collapsed.

A computer and other equipment in the lab have been partly damaged, sources said.

“I had come to check the office and was working on the computer. A lady arrived to collect her medical report. I had just got up from the chair and was interacting with her when suddenly the ceiling collapsed. Though a ceiling fan, laptop and a desktop system was damaged, all of us were saved. The ceiling would have fallen on me if I had been sitting there for five more minutes,” said Business Operation Manager of the hospital, Arabinda Sahu.