Catheter removed from lungs after 33 years

Bhubaneswar:  In a rare surgery, doctors of Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) here have removed a catheter from a man`s lungs after 33 years.

The catheter was left in the lungs of Bipin Patro (38) of Kendrapada when a chest drain was performed on him at a hospital in Cuttack to treat pneumonia and pus in 1978. He was just five years of age then, KIMS sources said today.

Though he was cured of pneumonia and pus, a part of malecot catheter was left inside lung, which caused a fistula (Thoraco cutaneous fistula). For last 33 years, Bipin was suffering from lungs pain due to this condition.

When he came to KIMS, investigations by noted surgeon Dr Madhabananda Kar revealed that a part of chest drain was inside the lung. The doctor then decided to remove that chest drain by surgery.

On May 12, a team of doctors led by Dr Kar removed the catheter from his lungs. The chest drain and the damaged part of the lung were removed. This type of surgery is very rare, doctors said.