Bus service still disrupted in city

Bhubaneswar:  Since three days, city bus service has come to a standstill here, as the city bus employees have put forth their grievances. 

While ten buses were plying in a single route before, only five to six buses plied in the same route on Thursday and the number came down to two to three on Friday, sources said.  

The authorities of Dream Team Sahara, the private operator which is in charge the city buses have admitted that the city bus service has been badly hit.

“The decreased number of city buses is because of the festival on Thursday. And since some employees are sick, they have not reported for duty on Friday,” Dream Team Sahara authorities maintained. 

The workers of Dream Team Sahara alleged that the company which had engaged the drivers and conductors for eight-hour schedules; forced them to work them for 14 to 16 hours. Besides, there are no allowances for any extra work, alleged the city bus employees.