Burla NAC misutilising public funds

Sambalpur: The five hundred metre road was laid barely one and half months back. Yet a tender has been invited now for the second time for re-laying the road. The road in question is the Tiki Sharma road under ward number 13 in Burla NAC. While the first tender was invited by the public works department, the second one has been invited by the Burla notified area council. The NAC chairperson surprisingly clarified that it was a big faux pas.

The concretisation work of the Tiki Sharma road in ward number 13 of Burla NAC was complete hardly one and half months back. The work undertaken by the PWD was valued at Rs. 10 lakh. Most astonishingly, the Burla NAC has yet again invited bidding for the same road through e-tender. The tender invited on November 4 was valued at Rs. 9,94,159. The money would be spent under the BRGF program. When asked the Burla chairperson Chandrabati Nayak sufficed that the name of Tiki Sharma road was inadvertently advertised while the real work this time is meant for an extension work of the same length.

The biddings have not yet been opened though. Technical snag in computers is stated to be the reason behind the mysterious deal. Be that as it may, the second tender for the Tiki Sharma road by the Burla NAC has become the talk of the town.