Bolangir: Lakhs likely to miss BPL bag

Bolangir: The eight months from October to June is known as the dadan season in western Odisha district of Bolangir when poorest of the poors in lakhs go outside the state to serve as dadan workers often in most inhospitable conditions. The situation is no different in the current year. Still the survey for identification of Below Poverty Line(BPL) families is on in the district raising doubts about the veracity of the final list.

Visit Patnagarh sub-division. Most of the poverty stricken families in villages after villages have already left for other states to struggle as dadan workers. The villages wear deserted looks as the doors are closed permanently for eight months. Those who remain in the villages including women and children would also soon leave the villages. They are not in hundreds but thousands. Still the BPL survey is on in one of the most backward district of the state known globally for its hunger and child selling episodes. The enumeration work would have ended by the time the beneficiaries return from work.

The BPL survey was conducted in Bolangir last time in 1997. It is on again after a gap of 12 years. But doubts prevail about the genuineness of the survey. It is feared that lakhs of names of real beneficiaries would be missing from the list which would deprive them of several benefits granted under government schemes.