Yajna begins near Balabhadra ‘daru’ at Jhankada

Bhubaneswar: The maha yajna began at goddess Sarala shrine in Jhankada, Jagatsinghpur today for the felling of the neem tree (daru) for creation of new idol for lord Balabhadra. The goddess Sarala shrine is beaming with activity amid presence of devotees and servitors.

Earlier in the morning, the barana ritual of biswabasu and bidyapati was conducted after which the maha yajna began.

The purnaahuti of the mahayajna will be conducted towmorrow after which the identified daru or the neem tree will be brought to ground. The vidyapati will initiate the process with the touch of a golden axe on the tree followed by Biswabasu with silver axe after which the tree will be cut with an iron axe.

Subsequently, it will be taken to Puri for creation of lord Balabhadra’s idol.

The ‘daru’ (holy wood) of Lord Sudarshan which is on its way to Puri reached Biragobindapur today morning. The banajaga team and the daitapatis will take a full night rest at Alamchandi today, and are scheduled to reach Puri with the ‘sagadi’ or specially made cart on which the holy wood is taken tomorrow.

Meanwhile, hundreds of devotees from various places en route to Puri are gathering to have a glimpse of the daru during its journey and pull the sagadi.