Water leakage damages files in Head Post Office

Sambalpur: Water leakage from roof top, after a brief spell of rain, has reportedly damaged many important documents and files stored at Head Post Office in Sambalpur district.

“There is leakage in maximum parts of the roof. The walls and the slabs of the roof are in a dilapidated condition,” said post office employee, Salegrama Kar.

Employees of the post office alleged that the leakage occurred due to negligence in the restoration work of the roof top for which the day-to-day business of the office is being hampered.

“As per our information there is extensive water leakage in two rooms, the main hall and the room adjacent to it,” said Superintendent of District Postal Department, Biswanath Purohit.

“The water leak is affecting our work. The office of Chief Post Master General and regional officer have been informed about the issue and they have assured to complete the restoration work within seven days,” he added.