VIMSAR doc brings regional disparage charge against director

Sambalpur: A day after being exposed while doing private practice, Associate Professor Goutam Kumar Satpathy of Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR) here today levelled allegation of regional disparage against institute director Aswini Kumar Pujahari who had conducted a sting operation against him.

“He (Pujahari) yelled at me saying that you are Cuttakia. So, you should go to Cuttack. I asked him for transfer if he has power. I appealed to him not to bring such allegation against me and others if he really needs our cooperation,” Satpathy said.

“The director is working with a particular agenda and treating us with a vindictive approach. I have submitted my reply to his show-cause notice. I have not done any private practice during duty hour,” he added.

He further alleged that the director is working for personal gains and always wants to be in the headlines.

On the other hand director Aswini Pujahari denied the allegation of regional disparage. “I don’t have such motive to defame anybody. He is just trying to divert attention from the main topic that he was engaged in private practice during working hours,” Pujahari clarified.

Pujahari had inquired about Associate Professor Goutam Kumar Satpathy from Department of Orthopedic Surgery and allegedly found him absent at the hospital during duty hours. On a tip off, he carried out a sting operation and caught Satpathy while he was treating patients at home during work hours.