Video footage shows Pankaj, Kabita enjoying party!

Keonjhar: Video footage released by Kabita Mahakud, the woman who has claimed to be the wife of Pankaj Mahakud, son of Champua MLA Sanatan Mahakud, on Friday rubbished the claims of Pankaj made in his statement recorded by the Mahila Police IIC under the Section 161 of IPC.

In one of the videos, which is in possession of OTV, Pankaj is seen celebrating Kabita’s motherhood at a party with neighbours and friends on the rooftop of a building. According to Kabita, the celebration party was held at the rented flat at Hitech colony in Malkangiri.

Similarly, in another video, Pankaj is seen sitting beside Kabita at a puja at a house. The footage is of the Satyanarayan Puja at the same rented flat, Kabita added.

Notably, in his statement recorded under Section 161, Pankaj had said he did not have any relationship whatsoever with Kabita. He had also said that he has no child and the photograph that is being produced as evidence of his marriage has been morphed by Kabita. He has claimed that he has never called Kabita on the phone nor visited Malkangiri. Pankaj has said that he only knows Kabita as a relative from her sister-in-law’s side.

Pankaj has also clarified that he married as per his father’s wish and was not forced into it.

The statement was recorded by the Mahila Police IIC, who visited the house of the Champua MLA’s son after the latter failed to appear before the police.