Tension over animal sacrifice in Bolangir temple

Bolangir: Tension ran high over animal sacrifice at the Mathakhai temple, on the outskirts of the town today after a group of non-tribal people opposed the move of the tribals of sacrificing animals.

A face-off between the two groups occurred at the temple following which police faced a tough time to pacify the groups.

The tribals planned to sacrifice goat, buffalo and hens at the Mathakhai Budha, which is the presiding deity of the tribal. However, the non-tribal resisted them and asked them to refrain from the gory ritual.

The district administration had convened a meeting before the puja where members of both the parties had agreed to go with the traditional worship and not with sacrificial ceremony. The Collector had discussed the matter with the locals twice to stop the bloody ritual.

But, the tribal changed their decision unilaterally overnight and brought a goat to slaughter, which led the tension.

However, with the intervention of district administration, the animal slaughter was stopped and situation came under control.
“The awareness did not reach the tribal men for which they had planned to sacrifice. Later, they decided unanimously to offer the worship in only their traditional way”, Collector Asis Thakre said.

Social activist Lalit Nayak said-“It is a matter of happiness as the Kondh tribal have got the opportunity to worship in the temple in traditional way”.