3D tattoo is the new rage for youth

By Rashmi Ranjan Mohanty

Cuttack: Earlier ‘tattoo’ was considered as a sign of being rebellious, strong-headed or a wanderer, but with the passage of time the mindset of people towards getting inked has undergone a drastic change.

It is not only on the ‘to-do’ list of rock stars, musicians or cine stars but also increasing number of people from professions like doctors, engineers and bankers are now getting inked for flaunting as well as for the sake of their belief.

Talking to odishatv.in, Y. Gobinda, owner of a tattoo studio- Yerra Tattoo, said, “With the changing time everyone wants to look stylish and the tattoo is adding a vista to their style.”

t3“Equal number of males and females belonging to the age group of 18 to 50 are visiting my studio to get themselves inked,” Gobinda added.

Asked about what are the tattoo are now in trends, the tattoo artist said, “Basically 3D version of tattoos is now a craze among the youths. Besides, shading, portraits, tribal designs and quotes are other popular trend.”

Replying to a question about aftercare of tattoos, Gobinda said, “We advise our client not to expose the tattoo to dust and water for one day after getting inked. Besides, we also advise them to apply lubricants on the tattoo for a week.”

Asked about removing a tattoo, the artist said, “To remove a tattoo one must visit an expert laser technician. We only correct the tattoos with defects.”t2

Gobinda further said if anyone is interested for a tattoo, he/she should consult an expert and professional tattoo artist.

“Consulting inexperienced artists might result in excess bleeding while design of the tattoo will not be up to the mark,” he pointed out.

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Shesdeep Patra, an all rounder in Odisha cricket team, said, “These days everyone wants to look stylish and being a cricketer I also like to be looked cool. I have 7 tattoos on my body which add some style to me.”

Amulya Ratna Ram, a working professional said, “Earlier, I have a mindset that having a tattoo will put a bad impression on professional life. But after doing one, I did not find so. Now, I have 3 tattoos with me.”