Targeting 2024, not 2019 elections: Pyarimohan’s daughter

Bhubaneswar: Sikta Pati, the daughter of late parliamentarian Pyarimohan Mohapatra and the newly-appointed secretary general of Odisha Jana Morcha (OJM) on Monday cleared the air that the party would contest in 2024 general elections in the State.

Talking to OTV after being appointed as secretary general of OJM, founded by Mohapatra, she stated the party is being restructured currently and a blueprint of party’s agenda will be prepared soon.

“Definitely we will contest in 2019 polls. But don’t expect any miracle to happen. We hope that we will do good, but 2024 is our main target,” Pati noted.

Asked about facing challenges in the absence of experienced partymen who helped Mohapatra to form OJM in the initial days some two years back, she pointed out that her ‘association’ with the party in the past will help.

“14 years back when my father entered into politics after his retirement, I was indirectly associated with him. I have learnt many things form him about politics. I know he had vast knowledge about politics, but the little knowledge I have gained from him will help me in the days to come to shape the party and organize it,” she said.

“Few things in my life had restricted me from joining politics in the past. But now I have got the opportunity and I don’t want to miss it,” Pati pointed out.

I will try to achieve the unfulfilled dreams of my father,” she stated.