Striking SCB Nursing students demand ouster of Principal

Cuttack: Students of SCB Nursing School today took out a protest rally demanding the ouster of their principal for assaulting one of their mates.

The agitating students later lodged a complaint with the Superintendent of SCB Medical College and Hospital at his office.

Talking to media persons, Subhadra Murmu, a fourth year Nursing student, said the students had gone to mark their attendance for duty at 2 PM on May 7.

“As per rules, any student coming late would be marked absent and lose her stipend for the day. We were served the meal late on that day. While we were having lunch, the attendance bell was rung. While we hurriedly went to give our attendance, I could not place my head band properly. Suddenly, the principal came from behind and pulled my hair and slapped my face twice and scratched my face. She also told me that I am a stupid girl of ST category from Mayurbhanj. She also criticised the western Odisha students and said they are also stupid,” she said.

Murmu also said this is not the first incident of its kind. “The principal has also behaved with us rudely on several occasions earlier,” she said adding that the students will continue their agitation till the transfer of the principal.

Talking about the misbehaviour of the principal, another Nursing student Madhusmita Behera of Mayurbhanj said she was returning from the Cancer ward after finishing her duty on April 23 when she met the Principal on the way. “The Principal said ‘I will thrash you with your shoes’. She also used vulgar words telling me that I had slept with a person as my eyes looked sleepy. Later holding my neck, she took me from outside the gate of the ward and pushed me inside forcing me to fall down. She told me ‘You girls are moving freely like the prostitutes’.”

Asked why they had remained silent for so long despite the misbehaviour of the principal, the agitating students said they decided to open their mouth when they could not bear her atrocity anymore.

They also said the principal also threatened them to cancel their registration since they had protested against her.

“We had earlier met the Superintendent who had assured us of appropriate action. But no action has been taken against the Principal till date. This time we will not withdraw our strike until she is transferred. If the Superintendent does not take any action, we fill lodge an FIR against the principal at the police station,” they maintained.