Statements of Budhia Singh, mother recorded after return from Mumbai

Bhubaneswar: The statement of Budhia Singh was recorded with the police and Child Welfare Committee in connection with a case over his alleged abduction.

The police also recorded the statement Budhia Singh and his mother Sukanti Singh on their return from Mumbai last night after a month-long disappearance.

Commissioner of Police Y B Khurania said the statements were recorded under section 161 of CrPC. He said the boy’s statement would also be recorded by the court under section 164 of CrPC.

Notably, Budhia Singh and his mother returned to Bhubaneswar from Mumbai on Wednesday evening.

On his return, Budhia said he and his mother had gone to Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu and from there to Mumbai before returning to Bhubaneswar. Asked who sponsored the trip, he said, “The producer of the movie took us for the tour.”

Meanwhile, Budhia Singh, who came to the lime light by running a 65-kilomere distance from Puri to Bhubaneswar at a stretch when he was only six years old, said in the hostel he felt like being lodged at a jail.

He was staying at the sports hostel since 2007 after child rights organisations alleged that Budhia was exploited.

Budhia had left the hostel on May 10 during summer vacation and did not return report back.

However, now at the age of 15, Budhia claimed he was not getting desired training at the sports hostel.

“I feel like lodged in a jail. There is no proper training for me,” Budhia said.

“He will not stay at the sports hostel. He is not going to stay there anymore,” said Budhia’s mother Sukanti Singh. The mother, instead said that she would prefer to allow Budhia to stay at a private place where he would get a proper training.

The wonder boy also alleged that he was being given training for 100 metre, 200 metre race while he was interested in long-distance running.

Sports Hostel in-charge Rupanitwa Panda rejected Budhia’s allegation and said, “I do not believe that the inmates feel the sports hostel like a jail. There are 240 inmates including Budhia in the sports hostel. Let the view of others be considered.”