State govt has no respect for freedom fighters: Congress

Bhubaneswar: Vehemently criticising the ruling BJD government for razing the statue of eminent freedom fighter Utkal Mani Gopabandhu Dash in Puri, the Congress party today said that the State government has no respect for them who have sacrificed their lives for the State.

“When the whole State pays obeisance to its own sons of the soil and other freedom fighters, how can the State government behave like this?” asked Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee (OPCC) president Prasad Harichandan.

“Chief minister Naveen Patnaik is responsible for the whole episode,” he stated.

Addressing media, Harichandan said, “Mahatma Gandhi had installed the statue while launching his campaign for the rights of lower caste people from Puri. It was a symbol of our State’s legacy in being home to illustrious freedom fighters. The district administration had no right to demolish the memorial.”

Sharpening his attack on the BJD over the Nabakalebar issue, the Congress leader said that the grand festival is going to be a mess since the State government has completely failed to properly execute the infrastructure works.

Harichandan made a mockery of the drainage system in the temple town by sharing some pictures of yesterday’s heavy rain fall that forced the traffic on the Grand Road to be stand still.

“Is this the way the infrastructure works be done? And how come the State government is taking credit to have finished all the projects. Has it completed the projects in this way?” asked he.