State GA dept moots fast approval of building plan

Bhubaneswar: In a step that would certainly benefit the people of Odisha, the General Administration (GA) and Public Grievance Department has proposed new rules for clearance and approval of building construction plans.

According to a notification issued by the department, planning permission for the low risk buildings, after submitting the application, will be given within 15 days.

Similarly, the clearances for other than low risk buildings would be verified properly and given permission within 30 days of submission of application.

Ex-president of the Real Estate Developers Association (REDA), Pradeep BiswasRoy explained,” Suppose a layout has been provided for a 3 acre or 5 acre land for approval. In the layout, each and everything needs to be verified. Therefore, a 30-day time has been allotted for the purpose. However, in case of low risk buildings, the clearance time has been reduced to 15 days. Definitely it’s a very good step for the public and I think they would welcome this step.”