School teacher makes students wash her own vehicle

Angul: The hands that ought to help students read and write, were found to be reprimanding them to do personal work as a teacher was caught engaging students to wash her scooter.

The incident surfaced at Amantpur Project Upper Primary School under Baanarpaal Block of Angul district. In a video recorded on mobile, school teacher Sanjukta Majhi was seen asking two girl students to wash her scooter. The teacher was also seen with a stick standing beside the students to clean up her vehicle.

“I saw a few students washing a scooter belonging to a teacher. When I asked, the teacher said what is wrong in students doing service for teachers,” said the complainant.

“I never asked them to wash my vehicle. They themselves did it while cleaning the verandah of the school,” said Sanjukta.

However, soon after the news was telecast on OTV, the district education officer ordered the block education officer to initiate action against the said teacher.