SC highway liquor ban affects local employees

Bhubaneswar: No doubt the Supreme Court decision to ban all the liquor shops within 500 metres of national and state highways across the country was a noble step to put a cap on the increasing number of drink and drive cases, but it has hit the people working in those outlets hard.

The closure of the liquor outlets has led to many people losing their jobs as over 1,100 liquor shops across the state were closed after March 31 midnight. They seem to be now in a state of uncertainty. Major hotels in the Capital city were also affected due to the ban.

The SC ruling has also created a hole in the pockets of many local businessmen. The State is on the verge of losing bulk of its revenue coming from liquor sale.

Besides, local residents opposing establishment of liquor shops in their areas has become a hindrance to the shifting of these outlets.

Meanwhile, the apex court has also banned roadside liquor advertisements stating that it may distract commuters.