Residents of Nayapalli apartment facing misery as water of well catches fire

Bhubaneswar: In a bizarre incident, water of a well in the premises of an apartment located in Nayapalli area here is catching fire when a burnt matchstick is brought in contact leading to misery among the residents of the building.

When the apartment residents pulled out water from the well to clean it, they sensed petrol like smell. To be fully sure about the origin of the petrol smell, the residents showed a matchstick to the water kept in a vessel. To their utmost surprise, the residents found the water immediately flared up.

Manoranjan Mohanty, a resident in the apartment, said, “The well was dug up around 40 years back and residents of the apartment have been using its water for all purposes since then. Recently, the apartment pump operator got suspicious after sensing petrol like smell from the well water and lit a matchstick to a bucket full of water. Suddenly the water caught fire and we got sure the well water has been contaminated with petrol.”

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The apartment inhabitants allege the well water smells like petrol as a fuel pump has been set up close to the building.

However, the fuel pump authorities declined that there has been any leakage in their system.