Repair of Jagomohan can’t be delayed, says expert

Puri: Archaeological expert and former professor of IIT Kargpur AP Gupta, who is also the head of the core committee overseeing the repair and maintenance of Puri Jagannath temple, today said that the repair of Jagmohan chamber of the temple cannot be delayed any further.

After carrying out a detailed examination of Jagmohan, which is in a dilapidated State, Gupta said “We are going to take measures to strengthen the columns to the maximum possible extent to see to it that the beams do not collapse. These are objectives on which we will take a final decision today.”

Gupta conducted his review in the presence of the superintendent archaeologist of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), member of the Srimandir technical core committee and servitors of the temple. Gupta also reviewed the reports prepared by the expert team and the core committee earlier.

Following this review, a decision will be taken regarding the four pillars and beams of the Jagmohan, informed ASI and Srimandir administration sources.