Rape convict Bitihotra Mohanty to walk free on July 6

Bhubaneswar: Bitihotra alias Bitti Mohanty, son of former Odisha top cop BB Mohanty, who is serving jail term for being convicted of raping a German fellow student, will soon walk out a free man as the Rajasthan High Court quashed the parole violation case against him recently.

“In its order, the court has particularly mentioned that Bitihotra will be released from Jaipur central jail on July 6”, said his counsel Sarthak Nayak.

“This is like a permanent relief. Because the case will be listed after a long gap of seven or eight years as the Supreme Court had already granted him leave. Looking into the merits of the case, I am sure that court would free him during that period of hearing”, Nayak added.

The parole violation had posed a major hindrance behind his release even as the Supreme Court had granted a bail in the root case. Earlier, the jail authorities had refused to free him citing that the Supreme Court breather is only on rape case and not the parole jump matter.

Mohanty, who had been sentenced seven years rigorous imprisonment by Jaipur fast track court, had absconded in 2006 after getting parole on the ground of visiting his ailing mother. After seven years on the run, he was rearrested in March 2013 by Kerala police from Kannur where he was working in a bank on a fake identity.

Bitti was convicted in March 2006 for raping a 26-year-old foreign national in a hotel in Alwar, Rajasthan.