Radha-Krushna sand sculpture by Manas Sahu for Holi

Puri: In view of the festival of colours, Holi, a sand sculpture has been created at Puri sea beach by sand artist Manas Sahu. Marking the festival of love and brotherhood, Manas has created a sand sculpture of Radha-Krushna.

According to Manas it took him nearly eight hours to create the 15 foot wide sculpture. He has also requested everybody to play a delightful and safe Holi.

Talking to media persons Manas said, “It can be seen in the Radha-Krushna sculpture how they are playing Holi with natural colours and enjoying it. If every person will not use chemical colours and use the traditional colours they will be able to enjoy the festival and everyone will be safe.”

He even wished all that the festival of colours will be full of cheerfulness for them.