Question paper fiasco: +2 Chemistry exam rescheduled to Mar 30

Bhubaneswar: The Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) on Tuesday decided to reschedule the +2 Chemistry examination on March 30 as question papers of the subject were ‘wrongly’ despatched to several examination centres of the State instead of Mathematics, leading to confusion among the examinees.

The examination was scheduled to be held on March 16.

Announcing this, the Council said, since it was erroneously sent to some Centres, the test will be held on March 30.

This morning the examinations here at BJB College, Gadarodanga near Bramhagiri in Puri as well as other parts of the State was delayed as Chemistry question papers were found in sealed packets sent by the Council.

The college authorities were taken aback after they found Chemistry question papers instead of Mathematics after opening the packets. “When we opened the question packets and started sorting, we found Chemistry question papers. But today’s paper was Mathematics. We don’t know whose fault is this as the Controller can tell about this,” said, Kasarda College principal, Anjali Dei.

Gadrodag College, Puri centre superintendent Debasis Jena said that the examination was conducted peacefully and the Council will decide about the next course of action.

The question papers were replaced by Mathematics but not before one and half hour of the commencement of the examination.

“We had mentally prepared for Mathematics. But when we got Chemistry paper, it was a shock for all of us. Since we were psychologically down we couldn’t do well in the paper. The Council must look into it,” said Abhay Das, a student.

On the other hand CHSE examination controller Biranchi Narayan Mishra said that such irregularities have been reported at six to seven colleges. The authorities have been asked to send back the question papers.

However, Mishra has questioned the response of the centre authorities as they did not reported the incident even though the seal of question papers were supposed to be opened at 9:30 am.

“The matter would be thoroughly reviewed and appropriate action would be taken,” said Mishra.