Pleas for a stay on release of ‘Bhaina Kana Kala Se’

Bhubaneswar: Actor Papu Pom Pom and event manager Sushant Panda have filed petitions in the Civil Judge Junior Division court seeking a stay on the release of Odia movie ‘Bhaina Kana Kala Se’ scheduled to hit theatres in the State tomorrow.

Bikash Rout, Papu’s counsel, said, “When Papu’s link with Prabhas Rout is under probe, how the movie director can say the actor has taken money. Besides, the movie is mostly in line with the actor’s life and made without his permission.”

Expressing similar views, Bana Bihari Mohanty, Panda’s counsel, said, “After the release of the movie also, we will seek for a stay on further screening. The practice of showing indecency and attack on someone’s character should be stopped in the movie industry.”

With Chandan, Jina, Uttam Mohanty and Kuna Tripathy in lead role, the movie was scheduled for release tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Sanjay Nayak, Director of the movie said, “Undoubtedly, I will release the movie tomorrow. I believe Papu will say it is a good movie after watching it.”

He added, “The movie is a reply to the allegations of chit fund and casting couch which defamed the Ollywood industry.”

Denying any malicious intention behind the movie, Uttam Mohanty, actor, said, “Casting couch and chit fund charges were conspiracies to defame the industry. There is nothing to defame Papu in anyway.”