Planning for a Holi party! City police may have some bad news

Bhubaneswar: For those, who prefer to celebrate Holi in a more party-like way in a commercially organized mass celebration event with rain dance, mud dance, live DJ, swimming pool, selfie zone et al on their menu, the Commissionerate Police’s latest clampdown can very well prove to be a wet blanket.

In view of the Bengaluru New Year shame and few past incidents observed in the capital city, the Commissionerate Police has come out with strict guidelines for issuing licenses to such mass celebration organizers. Police have made their intentions clear of not taking any risks, keeping in mind drug abuse and issues of safety and security of revelers during such celebrations.

“Our previous experiences show that where such mass celebrations are organized, there have been incidents of clash and vandalism. This year we are adopting a very strict assessing whether organizers are capable of maintaining law and order. We will take action in case of any illegal activities and we are minutely checking all the aspects before granting licenses,” said Bhubaneswar DCP Satyabrat Bhoi.

With only two days left to Holi, many organizers who have already sold tickets are finding it difficult to get permissions from the police to hold the event.

“All preparations, from promotions to putting up hoardings have been done as only a couple of days are left. Now, the police are not granting us permission and it will be a huge loss,” said an event organizer, Paresh Nayak.

“It is a very good step taken by the Commissonerate Police. Actually, those who fulfill all the required guidelines should be given permission to organize such parties,” said Siddharth, a local.

“This new system is actually good as such parties are killing the traditional ways of celebrating Holi. It is very good for us,” said Pallavi, a college student.