Petition against Achyuta Samant for Pusyaviseka ritual

Bhubaneswar: A petition has been registered in Bhubaneswar SDJM court against KIIT and KISS founder Achyuta Samant for conducting Pusyaviseka (self-coronation) at KIIT Jagannath temple similar to the ritual conducted by Puri Gajapati Maharaj on Pausa Purnima day.

KIIT temple trustee and 15 others have been made parties in the case filed by a Bhubaneswar-based lawyer.

Samant had drawn criticism from various sections after he conducted his own ‘Pusyaviseka’ ritual which is only reserved for the Puri king.

Sri Jagannath temple servitors and Puri Mukti Mandap pandits had staged agitation in front of the temple in Puri demanding unconditional apology from Samant. Jagannath Sena and Srikshetra Suraksha Manch had also staged similar demonstrations and warned Samant of more protests if he doesn’t seek forgiveness from Lord Jagannath in Puri. The protesters alleged that he insulted Gajapati Maharaj and Jagannath culture by conducting Pusyaviseka ritual.

Under pressure from various sections, Samant had later tendered an unconditional apology and promised that such incident will never occur in future.