Panel formed to probe breach in Indrabati canal

Bhawanipatna: Hundreds of acres of agricultural land at Nagapheni area under Jayapatna block were inundated on Thursday after a breach at the Indrabati Main Left canal.

The breach in the canal is being attributed to the poor quality of construction work of its embankment.

Satya Narayan Agarwal, a local, said, “Earlier also the breach in the canal had occurred at the same place. Due to poor work the breach is happening every time. Some agricultural work was done with a little bit of water. Due to the breach at least 100 hectares have been damaged. The government should look into why the breach is occurring so many times and compensate the losses of farmers.

Ganga Thakur, a farmer, said, “In the night hours, the breach occurred causing heavy loss to farmers. Today morning the officials came here before whom we demanded a permanent solution as the recent breach is not a lone case. We want compensation and an inquiry into the matter.

Meanwhile, Kalahandi Collector D. Brundha said, “Action will be taken after getting a report from the technical committee, which has been formed to inquire into the matter.”

“Earlier, nobody had complained about poor work of the embankment. People are complaining only after the breach occurred,” she added.

“On the basis of a rough estimate, officials are saying 50 acres have been damaged. But only a detailed inquiry will reveal the extent of the damage,” the Collector added.

Santosh Tripathy, working Executive Engineer of Indrabati Left Canal division, said, “The embankment of the canal is sand. Therefore, there might be breach due to a mouse hole through which the water might have got piping. In case of earthen canal embankment, breach is not impossible.