Ollywood Bhaijaan Anubhav Mohanty injured during film shoot

Bhubaneswar: Ollywood Bhaijaan Anubhav Mohanty who was shooting an action scene for his new Tarang Cine Productions’ movie ‘Prem Kumar’ got injured this evening. Anubhav reportedly fell from a height of nearly 30ft during the scene.

The actor was rushed to a private hospital after the mishap and is reportedly fine, informed production house sources.

With a smile on his face, Anubhav clarified, “As all of you will be worried over the incident, I want to let you know that I am absolutely fine. Shooting of my new movie Prem Kumar was underway when the mishap occurred. I have sustained a minor injury and undergoing treatment. With everyone’s blessings, I will try to regain my fitness and resume the shoot. Just wait till Rajo, and we are coming with a big bang.”

This is not he first instance that the actor-turned-politician has injured himself during a shoot. Anubhav had a miraculous escape during a shoot of a dangerous stunt for his Odia movie Agastya in the outskirts of Cuttack.

The entire platform on which Mohanty was supposed to perform an action scene as part of the shooting for the movie’s teaser had caught fire. Mohanty, who was standing on the platform, had to jump from a height of nearly 20ft after the stunt went wrong due to excess wind speed.