Odisha’s ‘santula’ & ‘machha besara’ on wish list of Indian T20 team!

Cuttack: Guess what! The Indian cricket players have made a wish list of typical Odia cuisines like ‘santula’ and ‘machha  besara’ that they want to relish during the T20 match to be played at Barabati stadium tomorrow.

Official sources said, Odisha’s ‘Santula’ and ‘Chuna macha Besar’ will be among the special local dishes which will be served to the players of Indian cricket team as per their request.

For today, it was a unique blend of Indian as well as continental food plus a heavy serving of fruits that both the India and Sri Lankan cricket teams were offered by Odisha Cricket Association (OCA) during the practice session at the stadium here.

It was ‘Paneer tikka’ and grilled fish that the players in general and Mahendra Singh Dhoni in particular appreciated during the lunch session at Barabati stadium today.

As per the menu suggested by the dieticians of both the teams, OCA had roped in MS Catering and the agency had come up with nearly 45 variety dishes for the players for the practice session as well as for lunch.

Official sources said, bananas, almonds, roasted cashew nuts and seedless dates, jam, Greek yoghurt, Feta cheese and butter, digestive biscuits, bread were served as snacks to the players of both the teams.

Fresh ingredients in combinations including avocado, olives and walnuts which are rich in fats besides spinach were also included in the menu made especially for the visitors.

Brown and white rice, three varieties of rotis including bajra roti, makai roti and homemade style mutton and chicken, rasam, cabbage curry, stuffed potatoes, banana fries, avocado raita were offered in lunch for the teams.

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“As per the requirements of both the teams, special dishes were prepared for the players for the practice session and lunch. We have also made special arrangements for tomorrow,” said MD of MS Catering, Dilip Sahu.

Sahu said that their agency has been looking after the menu of players during every match at Barabati stadium.

The players of both the teams will be offered Odisha’s Chenna Poda after the match tomorrow.

“As people of Cuttack are known for their warm hospitality, we always take special care to ensure that players and other delegates love our food,” Sahu added.