Odisha to spend Rs 50 cr to preserve memories of Paika Bidroha

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has decided to spend an estimated Rs 50 crore for preserving memories of “Paika Bidroha” (Pika rebellion) on the occasion of its bicentenary, Tourism and Culture Minister Ashok Chandra Panda said today.

After attending a preparatory meeting in this regard, Panda said Oil-paintings on the Paika Rebellion will be drawn at the State Museum here and wall panting will be sketched in Khurdha and Barunei.

This apart, a Paika Park Market Complex will be inaugurated in Khurdha town, Panda said adding, Rs 8 crore will be spent on establishment of a Paika Smruti Bhavan.

The state government has been claiming that Paika rebellion was the fist war of independence in 1817. Paikas were the peasant militias of the Gajapati rulers of Odisha who rendered military service to the king during times of war while taking up cultivation during peace.

Paikas unfurled the banner of rebellion against the British under the leadership of Baxi Jagandhu Bidyadhara as early as 1817.