Odisha dips in Holi fervour

Bhubaneswar: Holi was celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout Odisha today, with special programmes organised to mark harmony and brotherhood that go hand-in-hand with the theme of the festival of colours.

Also known as “Dola Purnima” and “Basant Utsav”, Holi is one of the major festivals celebrated across the country and globe.

The festival was observed with pomp and grandeur by the residents of the twin cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

A gala Holi celebration was also organised by Odisha Television Limited (OTV) at Bhubaneswar.  Leading Ollywood singers, actors, actresses and others from various fields including politicians attended the event that was organised to spread the message of peace and harmony.

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Commissionerate police had also made adequate arrangements and imposed ban on sale of liquor to ensure that the festival was celebrated in a peaceful way and communal harmony was not threatened in the twin cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

A lot of foreigners also took active part in Holi celebrations with locals at Puri. A group of foreign nationals from Japan were mesmerized over the grand celebrations and expressed their happiness over the rich tradition that is unique in the world.

The Marwari community in Bargarh also celebrated the festival of colours after the traditional Holika Dahan rituals today.