Odisha CM pays tribute to Jayee Rajguru as freedom fighter, Dama refuses to agree

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today paid tributes to Jayee Rajguru on his death anniversary, stating him as a freedom fighter and a martyr but Agriculture Minister Damodar Rout stood firm on his earlier claim that Jayee Rajguru was not a freedom fighter.

“Homage to great revolutionary & freedom fighter Saheed Jayee Rajguru on death anniversary. The fearless patriot who gave his life to the motherland lives in the hearts of all countrymen,” tweeted Patnaik from his official twitter handle.

However, Rout refused to agree with the Chief Minister saying one cannot prove history as false.

“A book has been published on what the historians have written and been approved by the government in 1948 after Harekrushna Mahatab became the Chief Minister of Odisha. None can claim the history as false,” said Rout.

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Earlier on November 29, Puri Gajapati Maharaj Dibyasingha Deb had also disapproved Rout’s claim that Jayee Rajguru was not a freedom fighter. He said that Paika Bidroha was launched under the leadership of Jayee Rajguru in 1804. It was taken forward by Buxi Jagabandhu and spread further. Therefore, the initial flag bearer of the Paika Bidroha is Jayee Rajguru and it started in 1804, not in 1817.

The Gajapati’s statement had came as a reiteration after Rout, on November 24, had stated that the first war of Independence against the British Raj took place in 1817 instead of 1804 and Buxi Jagabandhu, not Jayee Rajguru, was the initial flag bearer of the rebellion. Jayee Rajguru fought with Britishers as the latter went back on their promise to give him two Parganas.