Din prevails on 8th day too, House adjourned till 3 pm

Bhubaneswar: Pandemonium prevailed in Odisha Assembly on eighth day of the winter session on Friday as Opposition members staged protests near their seats whereas treasury bench members resorted to sloganeering and stormed into the well of the House.

When the Assembly begun for the day with the Question Hour session, BJP legislators standing near their seats showed banners on chit fund scam in the state.

Congress members tying black clothes on their mouths did a silent protest against the state government at their places.

Within few seconds, ruling party members moved into the well of the Assembly and started sloganeering near the Speaker’s podium.

Following this, Speaker NIranjan Pujari adjourned the House till 3 pm. The Assembly transacted business in the first half of the day for a minute only.

Prakash Behera, Congress MLA alleged, “We wanted the Speaker’s ruling for a discussion on the chit fund scam. There is no reason why the Speaker should adjourn the House till 3 pm. We believe this is a pre-planned game plan of BJD to not let the discussion happen in the Assembly.”

Refuting the charges, Chandrasarathi Behera, said, “Though there were important issues to be discussed in the state Assembly, Opposition members resorted to protest tying black clothes and showing protest. We started sloganeering in support of the government to counter the Opposition members.”