Odias in Delhi to celebrate Prabasi Raja Mahotsav

New Delhi: The folk songs of Raja, the Odia festival of womanhood, will reverberate in Delhi on Wednesday when Odias will gather to celebrate the fifth edition of Prabasi Raja Mahotsav at the JNU Convention Center here.

From typical traditional delicacies like poda pitha, arisa and many more to contests exclusively for women, the event offers all the festivities of Raja. Shrestha Odiani competition will feature women showcasing their skills in Odia rituals and knowledge of Odisha’s culture while ‘pana’ making, poda pitha baking competitions will test their culinary skills.

“We have arranged for swings for women to enjoy on the occasion of Raja. The objective is to keep Odias in Delhi connected to their roots,” said Debendra Nath, chairman of The Intellects, the organisers of the event.