Not an epitaph but a tribute to this police jeep!

Bhubaneswar: This police jeep was finally parked atop a police building to rest! Maybe reams have not been written about the vehicle that was used by the Odisha police for over four  decades but this unique way of declaring its retirement has lent the four wheeler an antique, vintage status.

In a bid to preserve the jeep, Odisha police has installed it atop the Jagatsinghpur Police Reserve Building.

The move has been appreciated by people across places as the generation next does not have much idea about its use both in reel and real lives.

“The old police jeep is certainly iconic as we have been seeing it being used in old Bollywood  movies where several superstars ride it while chasing goons. The idea to preserve the police jeep is certainly commendable,” said Kedar Nath Sahu, a local resident.

Sahu said at present many such police vehicles have become obsolete and are lying in junkyard inside various police stations.

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Though police vehicles get phased out in many States with high-end vehicles including Tata Sumo or even the Innova getting into the team, this vehicle has been drawing a lot of attention with its new found status.

“Recognizing the service it has rendered, we decided to preserve the police jeep which has been phased out. The main idea is to save some memories for the next generation,” said Jagatsinghpur SP Jai Narayan Pankaj.

Pankaj further informed that initially a plan was mooted to preserve old motor bikes that were used for patrolling and other police works.

“As we could not get any old bullets or bikes, we decided to refurbish the police jeep and placed it atop the Reserve building. Many people have appreciated the effort. We are planning to come up with a museum where several old articles used by police department can be displayed for public,” Pankaj added.