No respite from heat for a week; mercury may rise further

Bhubaneswar: No respite is expected from the grueling heat for the time being with the Meteorological department predicingd that heat wave conditions are likely to prevail for some days with a gradual increase in temperatures.

A heat wave alert has already been issued for coastal parts of Odisha. Meanwhile, the mercury stayed above 40 degrees Centigrade in Bhubaneswar even on Friday after the city recorded a temperature of 41.4 degrees by 1PM.

“There is a relatively lesser amount of rain on account of Kala Baisakhi and the temperatures will remain more or less the same. In the past couple of days, there was a rise in temperature across the coastal parts of Odisha and it is likely to persist forthe next 7-8 days, as indicated by our model. There might be variation of around 1 degree but it will remain at the same level for some days. The wind flow is currently from the Western and South Western sides which are hot regions. Moreover, temperatures might increase even further after a couple of days as the rains in the north western parts of India will subside leading to rise in temperatures in the westerly winds,” said director of regional Met Centre Dr. Sarat Sahu.

“The chances of rain are very slim. If at all it rains, it will be isolated and sporadic. Hence, temperatures will gradually rise and coastal parts of Odisha will experience relatively higher temperatures due to westerly winds,” added Sahu.