Newborn stolen from Sambalpur hospital

Sambalpur: Newborn boy was allegedly stolen from the Obstetrics and Gynaecology ward of the Sambalpur Sadar hospital today.

Family members of the newborn boy alleged an unidentified woman has taken the infant, who was sleeping beside his mother Gitanjali Majhi of Amlapali village under Jujumara block in Sambalpur.

Elaborating the matter, the newborn’s father Aniruddha Majhi stated, “My wife was admitted to the hospital day before yesterday and the baby was born at 12 noon on Thursday.”

Aniruddha further said, “At around 2 am last night, while I was sitting beside my wife’s bed in the ward, I dozed off for five minutes. Suddenly I woke up and found the baby boy, who was sleeping beside his mother, missing.”

Asked on whether any unidentified person came close to the hospital bed of the newborn’s mother at any point of time, grandmother of the baby, who was also sleeping on the floor nearby, said, “On Thursday at around 3 pm, an unknown young woman wearing a yellow saree and a shawl around her asked me for the baby to carry on her lap in the koshali language. But I had refused to give the baby as he was fast asleep beside the mother following which the young woman left the place.”

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A complaint of newborn theft was lodged by the baby’s family members at the Sambalpur Town police station.

Though CCTV cameras are installed at the Obstetrics and Gynaecology ward of the Sambalpur Sadar hospital and security guards have been deployed, stealing of the newborn from the hospital has raised concerns among many.

A security guard guarding the hospital ward said, “During the night-time hours, three security guards man the Obstetrics and Gynaecology ward.”

Meanwhile, Sambalpur CDMO Kodandadhara Rao commented the allegation of newborn theft from the Sadar hospital is true.