More Cobra hatchlings rescued from Odisha villages

Kendrapara: Amidst multiple reports on recovery of snake babies from different parts of the state, as many as 20 Cobra hatchlings were rescued today from Narilo village of Chakrada region in Kendrapara while later in the day 19 more Indian Cobra hatchlings rescued from a house in Nalanga village under Gelapur panchayat in Bhadrak.

According to reports, after noticing some baby cobras slithering near his house yesterday, one Ranjit Swain of the village called up snake catcher Prafulla Swain.

Today morning, the snake catcher with the help of Ranjit’s family members and other villagers dug out some portion of the walls of his house and recovered 20 cobra babies. Later, the baby snakes were released into the wild.

In Bhadrak, the snake catchers rescued 19 more Indian Cobra hatchlings and recovered as many as 21 eggs from a house in Nalanga village under Gelapur panchayat.

This is the fourth such incident when cobra hatchlings have been recovered from human settlements.
Earlier on Tuesday, as many as 12 hatchlings of Indian Cobra were found from a house of one Anadi Sahu in Suhagpur village under Pipili block of Puri district.

Similarly on June 25, over 10 Cobras were rescued from a house in Kantabania Sahi near Jainagar area in Dhamnagar of the district.

On June 23, as many as 131 cobras were rescued from the house of one Bijay Bhuyan at Shyampur village under Dhamnagar NAC of the district.