Monkey menace: Terrified villagers picket on roads seeking action

Cuttack: For one of the most strangest of reasons, distressed locals of Nuagada village in Athagarh today blocked the Mundali Swapneswar road. They were protesting violence by a troop of monkeys who had been creating nuisance in the village, injuring one villager grievously today morning.

According to sources, since last few days, people of Katakia Street in Athagarh have been terrified with the frequent monkey attacks that have left many villagers injured.

This morning, another villager was allegedly attacked by a monkey following which he was immediately rushed to SCB Medical in Cuttack in a critical condition.

The man has sustained severe injuries in his hands, legs and stomach, sources said.

Locals further alleged that despite several complaints, the forest department has remained negligent and not taken any action to catch the monkeys.

Irate over this, they burnt tyres and blocked the Mundali Swapneswar road until officials of forest department reached the spot and assured them to provide a solution. As a precautionary measure they also fired in the air and injected drugs inside the bananas hanging from trees.

Athagarh Ranger Goura Gopal Singh said, “One of the monkeys is suspected to have gone mad which is why it is on an attacking spree. We will try to catch it soon to bring the situation to normal.”