Missing Good Samaritans: Kandhamal villagers remember Italian messiahs

Bhubaneswar/Kandhamal: Italian tourists Bosusco Paolo and Claudio Colangelo who were abducted by Maoists in March 2012 and later released after nearly a month are missed by people in the villages they worked in. After their release, the duo had carried out several developmental activities in Kandhamal district before leaving the country for good. Little wonder, people in the region continue to miss their friends from across the seas and hope that they will return someday.

During their visit to the Lambabandha village in the district, the duo had promised to solve several issues plaguing the villagers. But they soon got abducted and it left the villagers in a state of despair. However, after being released by Maoists, they didn’t dishearten people by going back to their native place rather worked for the welfare of the village and provided all financial assistance to dig a well in the village, wiping out the villagers’ years long problem of water.

“They have done a lot for our village. We miss them every day and know that  they would also be missing us. We hope they will visit the village again,” said a villager Tulia Pradhan.

Another villager Salman Pradhan narrated how he was suffering due to a disease and had no money for treatment. However, Bosusco  and Claudio helped him by ensuring proper check-up and treatment.

“I can never forget what they have done for me. I hope they will come again for us,” said Salman.

“They helped Salman get proper treatment and an operation through Rotary centre, Visakhapatnam. They also resolved the water issue in the village by digging a well,” said a social worker, Kailash Chandra Dandapat.