Meher provided young women as ‘paid girlfriends’

Bhubaneswar: Following the arrest of sex racket kingpin Sunil Meher on Friday, the Commissionerate Police has stumbled on juicy details of how Meher was running his sleaze business in the name of ‘paid girlfriend’.

Sources in the commsionerate police said from the preliminary investigation it was understood that Meher used to provide beautiful young women as ‘paid girlfriend’ to rich clients for one month. He was paying the young women Rs 40,000-50,000 for one month.

Besides, Meher used to supply young women on 10-day contract for more than Rs 2.5 lakh, the sources added.

Meher had spread his online network far and wide through social networking websites and his own website.

He used to hire girls from Kolkata, Delhi, Surat, Ahmadabad and Punjab to for his sleaze business in Odisha as well as outside the State, the sources added.

Meher had imported Russian girls via Kolkata to Odisha for his sex trade, but stumbled at the first hurdle when a police raid revealed his involvement in the whole affair.

In his reaction, Meher said, “I have not done anything wrong. I had left the trade one year ago. Media is unnecessarily blaming me whenever something happens anywhere. It is a 100% conspiracy against me.”

Meanwhile, Bhubaneswar SDJM court today gave permission to Commissionerate Police to take Meher on a four-day remand. Police had sought his remand for five days.