Man carries daughter’s body to cremation ground on trolley

Rayagada: In yet another case of the disastrous consequences of social taboo, a father was forced to carry the body of her daughter to the cremation ground on a trolley rickshaw after villagers refused to assist him in performing the last rites of the girl ostensibly because she was suffering from some disease.

According to reports, the incident took place at Dube Sahi under Muniguda police station in Rayagada district.

According to sources, a family from the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh was residing at Dube Sahi since last few days. A girl in the family died on Tuesday after suffering from serious disease. Following the death of the girl, no locals came forward to support the family for the last rites.

Finding no other option, the father of the girl carried the body of her daughter on a trolley rickshaw and performed the last rites.

Earlier in the month, a similar case was reported from Bargarh district in which two daughters had to carry their mother on their shoulders to the cremation ground at Baipali village of Sohela Block.

Dei Pradhan breathed her last on April 4 morning. But her dead body lay waiting to be taken to the cremation ground for seven long hours from 9 AM till 4 PM as nobody from the village offered a helping hand.

Finding no help from the neighbors, daughters Rechi and Chandrakanti, along with Chadrakanti’s husband, had to carry Dei’s dead body to the cremation ground. Moreover, they also conducted the cremation.

Elder daughter of Dei Chandrakanti lit the funeral pyre with the help of a few volunteers from nearby Sarakanda village.