Mahanadi may face water scarcity due to Chhattisgarh barrages

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Water Resources department has raised apprehension of water scarcity in Mahanadi due to sharp reduction of water flow to the Hirakud reservoir during non-monsoon months which is being observed since the last few years.

The department attributed such situation to construction of six industrial barrages in the upstream area of the river unilaterally by Chhattisgarh government.

“The water flow during non-monsoon period has slowed down in comparison to previous years. Expressing concern over the matter, we had drawn the attention of Chhattisgarh in January and again I wrote to the neighbouring State on May 31”, chief engineer of Water Resources Department Suresh Jain told at a press conference.

He maintained that the flow of water has reduced by 40.65 per cent million acre feet in March, 66.56% in April and 79.37% in May 2017 in comparison to last three years even as Chhattisgarh Water Resources Minister Brijmohan Agrawal rejected grossly Odisha’s allegation of closure of barrage gates.

Meanwhile, BJD reacted sharply to the remark of neighbouring State minister. “Chhattisgarh Water Resources minister is telling blatant lies. Data revealed that water flow is severely affected. The neighbouring State does not keep the shutters down constantly, but it is doing this at regular interval of two-three days”, BJD spokesperson Pratap Deb said.