Kendrapara MLA admits mistake, says it’s typo error

Kendrapara/Bhubaneswar: After much hue and cry over double names of his father and wife mentioned in affidavits and other documents in different times, Kendrapara MLA Kishore Tarai today came out to public admitting the mistake in the legal document.

“I don’t know what was mentioned in the affidavit. If it’s Kabita instead of Babita Tarai, it might be a typographical error. My advocate might have committed the error while typing the name on affidavit”, the BJD legislator said.

Similarly, he held the teachers, who had conducted the survey for preparation of voter identity card, responsible for the mistake in his father’s name. He said “Bimal and Bimbadhar is the same person. My father has given a declaration in this regard,” Tarai added.

Kishore’s wife name was mentioned as Kabita Tarai in the affidavit he had submitted during the general election while another document relating to purchase of land read her name as Babita. Even his wife, who is contesting the panchayat poll from Penthapala gram Panchayat, has submitted her caste certificate to election officer during nomination mentioning her name as Babita Tarai.

Similarly, the affidavit which was submitted by the ruling party legislator during 2004 Assembly election read Bimbadhar Tarai as his father while in another affidavit produced before the Election Commission during 2014 polls, he has mentioned that Bimal Tarai is his father.

Both BJP and Congress have targeted the ruling party MLA for having changed the names of his relatives in different times.

“The Biju Janata Dal (BJD) MLA is changing version every day. He spoke one thing during election and changed the voice after being elected by the people. Sometimes he changed his father’s name while his wife’s name is mentioned differently. Kishore Babu should file another affidavit declaring that same person bears two names- Babita and Kabita”, BJP spokesperson Sajjan Sharma said.

Congress leader Ganeswar Behera termed the work of changing names as punishable offence. “He has submitted two false affidavits. First one is related to his father’s name and second one is his wife. This is illegal and a punishable offence”, Behera added.

The Kendrapara district administration, however, feigned ignorance over the issue. “Neither, we have any information regarding the issue nor received any complaint from anybody. Proper investigation will be held on receiving written complaint”, Collector Muralidhar Mallik said.