Kalinga Nagar Firing: Protests gain momentum against Commission report

Jajpur: Protests have gained momentum against non-indictment of officials in the P.K. Mohanty Commission of Inquiry in the 2006 Kalinga Nagar firing in which 13 persons were killed.

The people affected in the Kalinga Nagar firing organised a protest meeting here in the district today. The meeting started with paying tributes to the martyrs. The agitators slammed the report as no official have been indicted for the incident in which 13 people were killed in police firing.

Earlier, the cabinet in its first meeting after the major ministry had approved the proposals to table the report of the Justice P.K. Mohanty Commission of Inquiry into Kalinga Nagar police firing.

The State Government claimed that most of the recommendations of Mohanty Commission that included formulation of a beneficial and comprehensive scheme for land losers, provision of suitable employment to one member each of firing victims and payment of additional ex-gratia to persons injured in the police firing, had already been complied with.