If anyone stands for female power its me: Tisca Chopra

Bhubaneswar: Bollywood actress Tisca Chopra was in Bhubaneswar to attend the Kiah Fashion Show on Tuesday where acid attack survivors walked the ramp. In an exclusive chat with odishatv.in, she spoke about the recent controversy over her remark on ‘Me Too’ campaign and also talked about her journey. Excerpts from the interview…


  • On attending the show

I am deeply delighted to have come here for Parichay foundation. I am going to support young girls who are drop outs to get back to school and get educated. I also want to lend my support to the acid attack victims. Something that the acid attack victims face is unimaginable for anyone. It was inspiring to walk with them on the ramp. I learnt a lot from them.


  • On Bhubaneswar and Odisha

I just came in the morning. I really wanted to go to Jagannath Temple, Puri and Konark. I want to go around Bhubaneswar and pick up some handlooms and other local products. I haven’t got a chance to do that. Next time when I come, I will make sure I stay for a longer period and visit all these places here.


  • On her controversial remark on ‘Me Too’ campaign

What I said was completely misunderstood. If anyone stands for female power its me. Not only that I take action based on it. I am a writer, a producer, an actress, a mother, a wife. I said that women should first be careful themselves. Why they allow themselves to get into that position. Of course men should be stopped. Of course they are doing the wrong thing and no doubt in that. There is nothing more to say about it. Its like saying the sun is in the sky. Important thing is that the women need to be careful not to go into the hotel rooms. They should not give that opportunity. They should report it to the police as soon as possible. Why are the women afraid! Why do they worry about their career! Just finish it there. That is what I said. Why do girls speak up after five or six years when they get settled and have a good career, why they don’t report it immediately! Say it immediately so that these people will learn a lesson. Girls to some extent are giving them the chance and that is the reason these cases are happening. If you give a tight slap then and there then the story is over.


  • On her journey as an actress and writer

I have done a few regional films like those in Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil apart from Bollywood movies. I haven’t done a Bangla or an Odia one and really want to do something here in this region and reach out to the people who love me here. I believe that some of the best films are made in the smaller market. There is a constraint in Hindi industry to reach to a larger market and there needs to be a certain level of commercialism. As far as writing is concerned the very first film I wrote is ‘Chutney’, a short film, and it was a big hit. Nothing more can be encouraging than this.